Welcome to Sweet Relief Farm on the Saco River in Steep Falls, Maine

33 Florence Lane - PO Box 131, Steep Falls, ME  04085
julee@sweetrelieffarm.com          or        mike @sweetrelieffarm.com
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Growing Organic Food for our Local Friends

Meet the Farmers

Here we are at our wedding:
     Mike the tractor guy, mushroom guru, and woodworker genius.
     Julee the chicken lover, soil builder, and labyrinth maker.

We are excited to work our land to provide you with fresh produce, eggs, pork, poultry, mushrooms, berries, canned goods, and dye plants.

    The farm specializes in 'Growing Organic Food for our Local Friends and Neighbors".  We look forward to growing vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, dye plants, laying hens, and turkeys.  We feature shares in produce, plants, and poultry.  We treat our farm as a 'generous' homestead with plenty of good, healthy, organic food that we want to grow and have plenty to share with our friends, family and neighbors.  We were MOFGA certified organic in September, 2014 for produce, mushrooms, herbs, and turkey.
    Sweet Relief Farm is a 40-acre lot with mostly woods with wet ravines meandering their way into the Saco River, thus we are continually planning for a viable, sustainable economy for our homestead.  Who knows, the future may hold cranberries, elderberries, or maybe duck production for us.
    In the mean time we have a 22' x 48' greenhouse for organic seedling production, raised bed spring and winter greens, and summer tomatoes.  We have house garden beds ready for spring planting, a new 1/2 acre cleared forested spot, and a small area planted with garlic, raspberries, hollyhocks for dye plants, herbs, and perhaps hops in 2015.  We have coops for our laying hens and organic turkeys.
    Our first expansion, early this spring, will be to make raised beds in our lower field which is in the 100 year flood plain.  These beds will include a medicinal wheel design to enhance the spirituality of our land.
    Julee worked for Rippling Waters Organic Farm for the past 18 years, where she incorporated many sustainable agricultural methods with permaculture in mind:  year-round hay mulching, companion planting, herbal medicinal wheel, mandala design, hugelculture beds, and you're sure to see some of this influence at the farm.
    Julee and Mike are part of the MOFGA journeyperson program.  Julee will be mentoring with Cynthia at Darthia Farm to learn more about growing, selling, and packaging dye plants.  Mike will mentor with an experienced mushroom grower.
    Walking our land gives us such a 'sweet relief' from every day stresses, that we want to share with others this uplifting feeling.  Be assured that walks, tours, labyrinth meditations, and workshops will be offered throughout the year. So please come and enjoy!

Currently we have a Produce, Market, Mushroom, and Seedling Shares available for sale as well as our hand-made craft products.

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Sights on our Land

Spring Wildflowers

Logo Inspiration - Trillium

Star Flower

Wood Anenome

White Violet