Organic Mushrooms

Why Eat Mushrooms?

Mushrooms from Sweet Relief Farm
we will sell our Shiitake mushrooms when available at
Steep Falls Farmers' Market.

 Shiitake Mushrooms on Oak Logs

    In 2013 we started our mushroom business and inoculated approximately 100 red oak logs with three different strains of Shiitake Mushrooms and inoculated 100 more logs each year in subsequent years.

    We have enough growing to sell at the Steep Falls Farmers' Market, to add to our CSA boxes, and to local restaurants. 

And new this year Shiitake Mushroom Shares.

Purchase your own Log
    Want to grow some mushrooms yourself?  You can purchase one of our logs for $35.00 and you'll be eating healthy shiitake mushrooms for 3-5 years.  You must be patient, though.  Most logs won't produce any mushrooms until next year. We bring logs to the Steep Falls Farmers' Market, or you can contact us to pick one up. 

NEW Shiitake Mushroom Share

     Oh my, these most beautiful, nutritious, and firm mushrooms we've ever eaten will be shared with you.  This is an unusual share,  because it will be available when we are 'flush' with mushrooms , and you get your whole 5 lbs. in one batch (and that's a lot of mushrooms), so be prepared to use and preserve them quickly.  We will notify you for your pickup, generally in August or early September.  If more shares become available earlier, we will post here.
     This share is quite the savings, because at the farmers' market, they sell for $16.00 a pound.

The Mushroom Process

Drilling the Holes

Adding the Spawn

Sealing the Spawn

2013 Stacked Pile