Organic Seedlings for your Garden

***due to COVID-19, we may deliver upon request. 

  This year we will limit browsing with you during seedling pickups, so please email, call or write to us, with your desired packs, and we will have them ready for you to pickup.  We will keep our list up-to-date of our seedling and variety packs, here under the Plants tab and in our weekly newsletter.  We will be creating invoices so we do need your email address for this, then you either pay online before you come for your pickup or at the farm during pickup with your credit/debit card.  We are limiting cash and check sales.

You can pre-order!  Here is a form to fill out, then we invoice you.  We keep it updated on what is available.  Seedling Pickup Order Form.

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Vegetable, Herb, Annuals, and Perennial Seedlings.

We grow MOFGA certified organic Vegetable, Herb, Flower, some dye,  and a few Perennial Seedlings.  We sell them in nice jumbo packs or bigger, giving the grower a good head-start before the plant can take up your nutritious garden soil.  Our potting soil is fantastic, it is locally made and approved for organic growing, so you can depend on all the needed nutrients to keep your seedlings healthy.

We sell our seedlings at the Steep Falls Farmers' Market, some at our farm per request, some to local stores - Standish Hardware, Sleeper Supermarket, Paris Farmers Union in Raymond and at O'Donal's Nursery in particular, and many through our discounted Seedling Share program.  Go to the Seedling Share page for more information and to purchase your share.  Seedlings can also be purchased at a discount with a Market Share and you can choose what you want to grow at the Farmers' market.

Notes about our Packs

Most of our packs are jumbo size; healthier and better for trans-planting into your garden. 

Kale is a variety pack of Russian, Winterbor, and Lacinato or Salad/Smoothie mix or Braising mix.

Lettuce is a variety pack of usually three different varieties.

Spinach and Beets have multiple plants per cell, giving you many more than six plants per pack.

The vine pack are grown in 3" peat pots.  Just tear off the bottom and plant.

Dill, cilantro, and often parsley are multiple sow per cell, giving you many more than six plants per pack.

Current Seedling Availability

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The Ever-So Popular Mix Packs

A unique advantage to buying seedlings at Sweet Relief Farm, are our Mix Packs.  So many folks in the surrounding neighborhoods have back yard gardens and don't need or have room for 6-packs of one single crop variety.  Here is a list of our most important packs, but they switch up each year.

Tomato Mix Packs:

    1) Common Mix  - Beefsteak, Slicing, and Early 

    2) Heirloom Mix - mixture of the Heirlooms that we grow each year.  May include Pink Brandywine, Prudens Purple, German Johnson, Pinapple, or Cherokee Purple

   3) Gold Winner Mix - Ruby Gold (beefsteak, red with gold stripes), Jubilee (mid-sized, gold) and Sungold Cherry Tomato

   4) Whole Shebang Mix - mixture of beefsteak, mid-sized slicing and cherry tomatoes

   5) Cherry Tomato Mix - mixture of the different cherry, salad, and grape tomatoes we grow

   6) Paste Tomato Mix - mixture of the different paste tomatoes that we grow

Pepper Mix Packs:

   1) Sweet Mix - a mixture of colored and green sweet peppers.

   2) Hot Mix - a mixture of the hot peppers we grow which may include Cayenne, Jalapeno, Serrano, Black Czeck, Habanero, or Hungarian Hot Wax.

Eggplant Mix Packs:

    1) Three Italian Eggplant and Three Asian Eggplant.

Kale Mix Packs:

    1) Salad Pack - Siberian, White Russian, Red Russian, Winterbor 

    2) Braising Mix - Winterbor, Redbor, Lacinata

    3) Misc. - we are known to make many combinations, some with collards

Cole Crop Packs:

    1) Popular - 2 Broccoli, 2 Cauliflower, 2 Brussel Sprouts 

    2) Cabbage - 2 Early, 2 Late Storage, 2 Red

Lettuce Mix Packs

      Mixture of leaf, crisphead, romaine, or bibb  lettuces.

Greens Mix Pack (new for 2020)

      2 lettuce, 2 arugula, 2 different mustards

Onion Packs (new for 2020):

    2 Sweet, 2 Yellow and 2 Red Storage Onions


Annuals are available at the farm any time and at the Steep Falls Farmers' Market, Saturdays 9 am - 2 pm.

Here is a list of some of the annuals we usually grow:
   -Morning Glory
   -Sweet Peas


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