Organic Seedlings for your Garden

Notes about Packs

Most of our packs are jumbo size; healthier and better for trans-planting into your garden.

Kale is a variety pack of Russian, Winterbor, and Lacinato.

Lettuce is a variety mixture.

Spinach and Beets have multiple plants per cell, giving you many more than six plants per pack.

The vine pack are grown in 3" peat pots.  Just tear off the bottom and plant.

Dill, cilantro, and often parsley are multiple sow per cell, giving you many more than six plants per pack.

Lettuce in jumbo 6-packs.

Vegetable, Herb, Annuals, and Perennial Seedlings.

We grow MOFGA certified organic Vegetable, Herb, Flower, Dye Plants and Perennial Seedlings.  We sell them in nice jumbo packs or bigger, giving the grower a good head-start before the plant can take up your nutritious garden soil.  Our potting soil is fantastic, it is locally made and approved for organic growing, so you can depend on all the needed nutrients to keep your seedlings healthy.

We sell our seedlings at the Steep Falls Farmers' Market, some at our farm per request, some to local stores - Standish Hardware and O'Donal's Nursery in particular, and most are sold through our discounted Seedling Share program.  Go to the Seedling Share page for more information and to purchase your share.  Seedlings can also be purchased at a discount with a Market Share and you can choose what you want to grow at the Farmers' market.

The Ever-So Popular Mix Packs

A unique advantage to buying seedlings at Sweet Relief Farm, are our Mix Packs.  So many folks in the surrouding neighborhoods have back yard gardens and don't need or have room for 6-packs of one crop, for instance 

Tomato Mix Packs:

    1) Common Mix  - Bobcat (beefsteak, replace Big Beef), Jet Star or Rutgers (mid-sized) and Oregon Spring (mid-sized, early)

    2) Heirloom Mix - Pink Brandywine, Prudens Purple and Cherokee Purple

   3) Gold Winner Mix - Ruby Gold (beefsteak, red with gold stripes), Jubilee (mid-sized, gold) and Sungold Cherry Tomato

   4) Whole Shebang Mix - Mark Twain or Bobcat (beefsteak), Rutgers (mid-sized) and Sungold Cherry Tomato

Pepper Mix Packs:

   1) Sweet Mix - three Green (King of the North or New Ace), one Chocolate, one Purple, and one Gold (Golden Cal Wonder).

   2) Hot Mix - two Cayenne, two Jalapeno, and two Hungarian Hot Wax

Eggplant Mix Packs:

    1) Three Diamond Italian Eggplant and Three Swallow or Little Finger Asian Eggplant.

Kale Mix Packs:

    1) Salad Pack - 2 Siberian, 2 White Russian, 2 Red Russian

    2) Braising Mix - 2 Winterbor, 2 Redbor, 2 Lacinata

Cole Crop Packs:

    1) Popular - 2 Broccoli, 2 Cauliflower, 2 Brussel Sprouts or Kalette

    2) Cabbage - 2 Early, 2 Late Storage, 2 Red

Other Plants

Annuals are available at the farm any time and at the Steep Falls Farmers' Market, Saturdays 9 am - 2 pm.

Here is a list of some of the annuals we are growing:
   -Morning Glory
   -Sweet Peas


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