Seedlings Shares for your Garden

Notes about Packs

Most of our packs are jumbo size; healthier and better for trans-planting into your garden.

Kale is a variety pack of Russian, Winterbor, and Lacinato.

Lettuce is a variety mixture.

Spinach and Beets have multiple plants per cell, giving you many more than six plants per pack.

The vine pack are grown in 3" peat pots.  Just tear off the bottom and plant.

Dill, cilantro, and often parsley are multiple sow per cell, giving you many more than six plants per pack.

Lettuce in jumbo 6-packs.

Now selling seedling shares for 2019.
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New this year and/or changes include more broccoli because it seems to be more popular than some other cole crops and deleting brussel sprouts since they are hard to grow, but instead are planning on including kalettes which are a cross between kale and brussel sprouts which you can pick all year.  Us growing it will be dependent on seed availability and if we do grow it we'll substitute that for the cauliflower which is another picky plant.  I got feedback that the number of parsley and basil were too much for some, so I halved the amount and added a pack of onions.  With seeds, in case you have left-over, we'll include a different variety of each kind.

This is what you get, the number in () indicates the number of plants per pack:

Cold Crop Pickup: Early May

1.  chard (6)
2.  kale (6)
3.  beets (6)
4.  spinach (6)

5.  lettuce (6)
6.  cole crop mix (6)
7.  cabbage mix (6)

          Total of seven 6-packs.
            Plus organic seeds: peas, beans, carrots, and radish. 
Plus 2.5# seed potato.

  Plus suggested garden layout of three 4' x 8' beds.

     Warm Crop Pickup: Late May

1. tomatoes, slicing and heirloom (6)
2. tomatoes, paste(2), tomatoes, cherry (2), & eggplant (2)
3. peppers (6)
4. cucumbers (6)
5. summer squash (1), zucchini (1), winter squash (2), pumpkin (1), watermelon (1)
6. onion (6)
7. basil (6)

8. dill (6)

9. cilantro (6)
10. nasturtium (6)
11. marigold (6)
12. calendula (6)

        Total of twelve 6-packs.
        $115.00 value for $100.00.

 Current Seedling Share Pricing 2019

We want to help you grow healthy, organic food, so we've made three affordable payment plans to choose from:

       - A deposit of $25.00 holds your share.
       - Balance $75.00
   - Payment in full $100.00
       - Ask if you'd like a payment plan.
       - Ask if you want a half share.

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 Custom Shares available of 19 packs by switching out some for your favorites. 
Call or email to order, $10.00 service charge.

 Other seedlings, including many annuals, available for sale on pick-up days.

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Other Plants

Annuals are available at farm on Seedling Share pick-up days and at the Farmers' Market (TBA).

Here is a list of some of the annuals we are growing:
   -Morning Glory
   -Sweet Peas