Organic Poultry Products

Why Organic-Fed Poultry?

Eggs from Sweet Relief Farm
a few dozen eggs are available each Saturday at the
Steep Falls Farmers' Market.

 An Egg CSA

Want to be guaranteed to have fresh eggs weekly from hens raised on organic feed?  Then consider purchasing an egg CSA from us.  Currently customers purchase 6 dozen eggs for $28.00 and receive them either weekly or bi-weekly.
Unfortunately, there are no CSA's available until our new 9 baby chicks start laying this fall.

Turkeys for Thanksgiving
(or your freezer)

We're dedicated to having good food being healthy and nutritious, so we raise our own meat birds and turkeys on organic grain and give them plenty of outdoor space. Turkeys arrive mid-July and we raise them until Thanksgiving. You can order your turkey, starting the beginning of July and reserve it with a $25.00 or more deposit.  Final payment including slaughtering fees will be due upon pickup.  Price is $4.25 per pound, plus $15.00 slaughtering fee.

Remember:  Our birds are: nice turkeys fed organic grain, with no GMO's, no antibiotics, no growth hormones and more nutrition. They range in a field and woods pen. They weigh around 18 lbs, and we charge $4.25 lb. plus $15 slaughtering fee, which averages out to around $95.00. Pay online or mail to Sweet Relief Farm, PO Box 131, Steep Falls, ME 04085.

Our Feathered Friends

Our first Aracana(?)
haven't seen anything like her since.

Turkey for Thanksgiving